August 25th: Global March against Chemtrails and GeoEngineering

Reader Colleen let me know about the Global March Against GeoEngineering and Chemtrails, to be held this Sunday, August 25th! If you’re not familiar with this immediate and pressing threat to planetary health, check out the video of expert Dane Wigington’s recent talk on the subject.

I wonder if the leaders of the March know that August 25th is to be an astrologically significant day, the second Grand Sextile of this remarkable summer. If, as an astrologer, I were to “elect” a date for such a march, it would be August 25! — since whatever we collectively intend will receive a tremendous pulse forward.

Global March against Chemtrails and GeoEngineering

by Catherine J. Frompovich

Activist Post

This is to remind everyone that a global march against chemtrails and geoengineering will take place in countries around the world Sunday, August 25, 2013.

This website gives the contacts for organized marches in various cities in numerous countries from Australia to the United States of America, and much of the European Union.

Please check out the website and mark your calendar to attend a march in your area.

Additional activist resources posted below…

TIME / 2:00: PM Local Times Vary.

LOCATION / Everywhere.

MAPS / Global Event Maps

REGISTER BY / Facebook


PETITIONS / Click here.

FLYERS / Click here.

AVATARS / PROFILES.. Click For English.

AVATARS / PROFILES.. Other Languages

BANNER / Click here.

EVENT FLYERS / Click here.

POSTERS / Click here.

PRESS RELEASES How to / Click here


T-SHIRTS / Click here

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