Instructional Videos on the Dynamics of Empire: Wag the Dog and Controlled Opposition

I love that more and more creative and potent ways are being invented to get across to the still entranced public what’s really going on. Hopefully, some of them are igniting fiery, wake-up! eureka moments. Here’s a short NSA Wag the Dog video.

We need to pay close attention to “controlled opposition” and how it works. See “Promised Land,” an anti-fracking movie that shows how it’s done.

Or watch this, 15 minutes of Michael Tsarion’s wide-ranging, historical summary of how hidden puppet-masters control the strings of supposedly dueling puppets to “Divide, Confuse, and Discredit.”

“Truth” has never been easy to discern. And there’s always the fact that, in the third dimension, “true for me” may not be “true for you” since our (separate) “points of view” are unique and irreplaceable. However, given the plethora of deceptive nefarious tactics controllers use to keep the sheeple in line, it’s imperative that each of us stand sure and centered in our own (dimensionless) “point” in the quantum field while dropping, surely and deeply, into our magnificent, generous hearts.

Our hearts do know.

Let us command our restless, fractious, often polarized and even paralyzed minds to serve the heart.

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    przeciwko partyzantom. Głęboko zawiedziony faktem, że z Czeczeńcami niepodobna
    się dogadać wziął się do nich konkretnie, wykazując histooryczny inwencja twórcza taktyczny a
    kapitalnym. Czeczeńcy sami saamemu byli winny, sami handlowali narkoty.

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