“Good Cop” stories few and far between, if we are to believe the MSM

Remember the story about the cop who brought boots for the homeless man ?

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That was in November, 2012. Nine months later, here’s another one. I can’t help but imagine that there were lots of “good cop” stories between then and now that did not get reported. What we see is what we get. Let’s look for “good cop” and other stories that demonstrate compassion. Let’s be those stories. Not just spread the word, but spread the light and love.

Single Mom Helped By Cops After Being Caught Shoplifting

August 5, 2013

huffingtonpost via goldenageof gaia

A woman who was caught shoplifting at a K-Mart in Charleston, West Virginia, last week was in for a surprise when police arrived at the scene.

Instead of arresting or reprimanding the single mother, officers Ryan Willard and Duane Fields reacted in a much more sympathetic way, purchasing the necessities for her, according to the Charleston Daily Mail.

“She didn’t take anything to benefit herself,” Willard said. “She had only taken baby diapers, rash cream and some clothes for her children, ’cause she said she was going through kind of a rough divorce and her husband wasn’t really helping out.”

And although K-Mart did not drop the charges and the woman incurred a $50 fine, she was still thankful for the policemen’s kindness and asked them what she could do to thank them.

“Just try not to shoplift again,” Willard told her.

It’s not the first time community members have stepped up to help single moms in need. In May 2013, a church in Wyoming, Mich. donated a car to a local single mom in need of transportation. And in July 2013, the town of Tyler, Texas, worked together to raise money for a single mother battling cancer in their area.

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