“Why is the U.S. Government funding excessively genetic deterministic projects?” Because “the science of human biology is in the grip of hidden political forces.”

“Thus there is operating within the disciplines of medicine, public health, social science, and now economics, a research framework that, if successful, would locate the causes of negative human outcomes internally. At fault will be genes and not circumstances. It is an officially sanctioned and scientific version of “blame the victim”.”


Are we surprised? This latest example of reductionist, inductive science (in this case, not “atoms,” but “genes” are “at the bottom” of everything) is as doomed as any other. In a quantum field of infinite possibilities, let’s face it, there is no “bottom.” While this may feel like a nightmare to those who fear the “infinite regress” in logic or the nighttime terror of falling through space, for the rest of us, it liberates.

Take those conceptual helmuts off, folks. Shake your hair loose! Let your mind expand as far as it wants to go, and then keep on going. Simply, there is no end to the universal field of exploratory play.

Thanks to greenmedinfo.com.

Science as Social Control: Political Paralysis and the Genetics Agenda

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3 Responses to “Why is the U.S. Government funding excessively genetic deterministic projects?” Because “the science of human biology is in the grip of hidden political forces.”

  1. Tom Stoker says:

    I find it continually fascinating to contemplate “hidden” stuff. There are hidden agendas, hidden funding, hidden information, hidden forces, hidden behaviors, hidden evidence, hidden planets, hidden money, hidden assets, hidden intelligence(the biggie)… on and on the list could go all the way to the witch’s home in the wolf’s forest. Playing the hide and seek game is as old as time itself, with even the source of time being as hidden as tomorrow.
    One of my personal favorite hidden treasure hunts is contemplating hidden special interests. Every human, and I assume even every extraterrestrial as well, is heavily influenced by particular special interests. Even if one’s peak special interest is unbiased objective contemplation one still run on energy. Energy is what makes us tick. Find the sources of one’s energy, and voila, there is a key to understanding “hidden” motives for any behavior.
    Greenmedinfo.com depends upon energy replenishment the same as say, bigtobacco.com., and I would dare say is scarcely any more free of collusion with its own special interests as bigtobacco is.
    What all do you eat? Where do you get it all? What is your shelter? How do you obtain it and maintain it? What entertains you? How do you engage it?
    The answers to basic questions such as these explain your energy sources. And they all form your particular set of special interests.
    For most entities, I postulate, these sets of special interests do limit their fields of exploratory play, perhaps unfortunately.

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