Those “Ed Snowden” doomsday Internet Chronicle stories?

They’ll all FAKE. Just FYI. A number of doomsdale stories are currently circulating right now that purport to be from Ed Snowden. NOT TRUE. They say so themselves. So if you got taken in, please give your shit detector a tune-up, eh?

desk-of-editor-frank-masonAt the Chronicle.SU, we take truth seriously. We take what we do so seriusly, untruths at are punishable by mutilation or death.

Sadly, is not of this earth. After crash landing in an asteroid December 30th, 1976, the alien husks of Chronicle editors rapidly adapted to Earth climates and bacterial flora. They are able to survive naturally in the wild and reproduce freely.

Here at, we take a liberal stance on drug abuse and theft of intellectual property, but that does not mean we are liberal because liberals are faggots and I ain’t no steer-boatin’ queer!

Receiving tweets twice daily via fax from religious advisers impregnates our right-wing furnace of hate, enabling us to bring you the most horrifyingly sensational headlines you’ve ever seen, or your money back – guaranteed!

If you wish to write us spam, please use and we will get back to you at our earliest possible convenience, or whenever.

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