We, Sovereign Citizens of Earth, agree to the following:

As reader Rose puts it, “This just about sums it up. Brevity at its finest.”

Towards a World That Works for Everyone

July 24, 2013

by Steve Beckow


We sovereign citizens of Planet Earth agree to the following:

We commit ourselves to the adequate provision for every citizen of Planet Earth, without distinction or exception, of:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Housing
  • Public utilities and electricity
  • Medical Care
  • Education
  • Public transport

We accept the natural laws of the universe and agree to live by them.

We agree to live by those laws of the land which are just.

We agree to respect the rights of others.

We agree to come from the point of view that all human beings are members of one race and that the animal and other kingdoms have equal rights and access to Gaia and are to be respected.

We agree to respect the priority and special needs of children to the necessities of life and appropriate services.


Sovereign Citizen of Planet Earth

(“Towards a World That Works for Everyone” is a phrase attributable to Werner Erhard.)

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3 Responses to We, Sovereign Citizens of Earth, agree to the following:

  1. I do not consent and I waive the benefits

    This sentence has great implication when a non anthropocentric vision is applied. We as humans have neglected the other living species in our analysis of the situation. We take for granted the fact that we act on nature and non human creatures the exact and same way we condemn our leaders doing so. Those creatures are slaves which lives are confined and repressed so we humans can benefit from privileges far from normal. The same attention should therefore be applied in their direction as the one consented for human beings.

    I waive the benefit is then extended to the privileges human beings got since they adopted modern technology for their own development in contradiction with the basic needs of living creatures, regardless of gender and species.

    The first step toward liberation from enslavement is to abandon dependancies from the modern world, the one who claims loud words like freedom and democracy but acts in a completely opposite way.

    So are those who speak of freedom not including all lives as part of life.

    We know they will pretend being the saviors but will be the slave holders hiding behind humanist discourses. So the spectacular and brightness of their words will only convince the unconscious, they will mislead their followers in a wrong direction. For doing that, they will themselves believe in the road that leads to a dead end and follow it in vain.

    He who is free has no fear of conflict or death, he is first of all liberated from addiction, has made the distinction between body and spirit and saw that in the spirit no separation exists.

    I accept liberation for all lives and I also accept the consequences of this choice.

    Pass this message.

  2. I don’t see humans as one race….We are all one,humans, animals and the environment. There is no separation. Also, I see no mention of water on that list, just food.Yikes!…Thanks Ann….VK

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