Letter from Bob, old classmate and neighbor: “See you in the 5th”!

Shoshone Falls, in the Snake River Canyon, next to Twin Falls, Idaho. One of our playgrounds as kids.

Shoshone Falls, in the Snake River Canyon, next to Twin Falls, Idaho. One of our playgrounds as kids.

I’m busy looking at old emails from before the last retreat. Came upon this gem, which I think I’ll just post here in full. If my spotty memory serves, Bob Reese was about my age and lived on our Pierce Street block, in Twin Falls, Idaho. I imagine he was one of the neighbors who helped build a snow fort one magical day when we all magically converged into what we’d now call an open-source network and just got it done. Took three or four hours, rolling the balls, building the walls, deciding how many rooms, kids of all ages playing peacefully together, focused on a common task.

I’ve been trying to return to that day ever since . . .

The “chart” Bob refers to from 1977 must have been an astrological chart. That’s the year I started “doing” charts professionally. The two “Twin Fallsites” he addresses are myself and another classmate, Jay Pace, whom I talked about in an earlier post.

I thought I’d just post this letter, because it contains so many obviously interesting links that I may or may not get around to actually reading, given what it takes to catch up after, basically, two weeks away.

Letter from an Old Classmate, Twin Falls, Idaho

Hello Twin Fallsites,

I haven’t seen you two for a while but enjoy your blog/Facebook posts. I thought you both may enjoy these links since you posted info on the July 29th Grand Sextile recently.

This first website showed up a few days ago and gives a wonderful perspective on imminent changes while wisely avoiding any specific date.


This link is from an astrologer from the Big Island of Hawaii (19.5 degrees is the north and south latitudes of where the points of a star tetrahedron would contact a sphere containing it). He ties the astrology of the 29th into the Mayan Tzolkin and the heliacal rising of Sirius on the Mayan/Galactic New Year on July 26th.


And, here’s a nice little observation from St. Germain discussing the same topic:


I have a feeling that all of this ties together.

All is well here. Boulder is much cooler this year. Lyn says Hi and wants Ann to know that the chart she did for her in 1977 turned out to be correct. I think you told her to run!

See you in the 5th,



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