Zimmerman/Martin drama a racial psy-op?

I have not been able to bring myself to read through anything that references the tragic Zimmerman/Martin encounter, the trial, or the acquittal and its aftermath. Even the headlines make me sick to my stomach. The whole set-up has always felt like a tabloid-quality “reality show” psy-op to me; one more bread-and-circuses distraction for the masses, with the bonus divide-and-conquer tactic of stirring up to racial hatred.

However, I will say this: Zimmerman was acquitted within a few hours of the ingress of Mars into Cancer, heading toward Jupiter at 4° of that sign. From July 13 through the end of this week, especially since unpredictable, impulsive Uranus turns, to go retrograde tomorrow, sees a lot of emotional flaming as Mars conjuncts Cancer in that most tribal of signs. Important to recognize this in ourselves: where we tend to draw lines between “my people” and “the Other,” between the right to defend one’s home and the need for compassion for all. Notably, during this entire week, the Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune grand trine in water is also operating, holding us all in an extraordinary emotional field that hopefully, will help to calm and transform very troubled waters.

Here’s Eric Francis:

The Zimmerman verdict and Mars in Cancer

Here’s Jon Rappoport, whose essays, in one way or another, always remind us of the innate, sacred, creative center of the unique individual:

The George Zimmerman trial: Life and death in the American psy-op

And here’s a heartfelt plea from someone named “Mike” that I found at rumormillnews. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the original story, but I did copy it yesterday.

Racial PsyOp


Long time reader Mike here.

Could you post this? And maybe keep posting it? We are being worked over by the PTB to create race riots.

We need to make this go viral.

Please don’t post my email address on this one…




Everyone! If you are not aware of what is going on with this Zimmerman situation, then you need to get up to speed! And I don’t mean what happened, I mean what this is being used for by the puppet masters.

This is a major Psyop that has been designed to hit the United States in our most vulnerable spot, racial tension. It has been designed from the beginning to incite unthinking anger and tension between anyone who tries to talk about the case.

People are going to die over this, and it has already started. They are creating a HUGE conflict and pushing people all over the United States towards violence. The PTB are setting us up, again.

I don’t know what happened and I don’t really care.
That is NOT the point!

From what I have seen, you can argue all day long and still not reach a good conclusion on what happened between Zimmerman and Martin. The one thing that is obvious is that EVERYTHING we have been told has been manipulated to create confusion and anger between people who consider themselves to be ?black, white or brown.?

Pictures have been changed, recordings have been ?edited? and stories have been manipulated from the beginning.

The basic thing that EVERYONE needs to understand is that this is another Psyop that is being used to distract us from the current financial collapse that is taking down the international banking system.

It’s smoke and mirrors people, don’t let yourself be drawn into this!

If you find yourself confronted by anyone about this case, REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE INSANITY!

Just say that you do not have an opinion and LET IT BE. If the person you are talking to is open to it, mention that you think that they are trying to incite race riots and create racial tension. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE DRAGGED INTO AN ARGUMENT ABOUT ZIMMERMAN AND MARTIN. Especially if you are talking to someone who is a different skin color! This goes far beyond any reason and you will be playing with fire.

I am not even sure if it is a good thing to discuss this between people of the same skin color, let alone between people of different skin color.

Our message must be one of LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT. We don’t know what happened, but we agree that it was wrong.

Blacks are ULTRA sensitive to this case and are being set up by the PTB to NOT listen to reason but to only feel HUGE anger and that they are being ?wronged by the white man.?

Also, I believe that the PTB may be using the Smart Meter system (and maybe cell phone transmitters) to transmit a frequency of frustration on a level that is effecting people. I have suspected for a long time that there is more behind the Smart Meter program that just raising rates and getting rid of the meter readers. Funny how the things all transmit on a brain frequency isn’t it?

REMEMBER ? Don’t allow yourself to be baited on this! We have to try and STOP this before it gets any bigger.

We are AMERICANS, black, white, brown. Together we are powerful, but if we let the enemy divide us and fight among ourselves, these Untied States will fall and be crushed from within.

Don’t fall for it people! We MUST support each other!

If we are not able to stop this among the people, there WILL be race riots and people are going to die. The PTB will get the martial law that they have been drooling for and wanting for so long.

Let’s NOT let this happen…

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