New David Wilcock post: “I do believe a positive international alliance is orchestrating this ever-increasing disclosure of new information — behind the scenes.”

DavidWilcockSearchDavid’s new post is the usual mix of self-promotion and brilliance. Just wade through the first, no big deal, given the amount of information he gathers and snaps into perspective. Also, interesting to see that he views the NSA as way down the pecking order in terms of the surveillance state.

Thanks to Kauilapele for highlights to this new, long, post.


  • Your vindication has only just begun. 2013 is indeed the year of the “I-told-ya-so party” — and we’re only halfway through it so far.
  • The main focus of my work in the last two months has been to integrate an astonishing range of data showing how a systematic, coordinated effort is being made, behind-the-scenes, to tell us the truth.
  • The “burden of wisdom” that we have been carrying, thanklessly, for so long is now starting to be shared by everyone on earth.
  • …if you think that most of the “new information” is over and done with, and life will just go on, all I can say is: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
  • …a positive international alliance is orchestrating this ever-increasing disclosure of new information — behind the scenes.
  • I do believe that this opposition group is very important, has humanity’s best interests in mind, and can ultimately help us form a fairer and better system.
  • The truth has always been available — at least most of it. The real test, from a psychological standpoint, has been whether you can handle the truth.
  • …we are now living through one of the most exciting “plot points” in a story that was written long before we ever got here.
  • The Cayce Readings often said “Jesus is the Pattern” — and now, it appears that we have figured out what they actually meant when they said that… The crucifixion and resurrection story is a very powerful, visually and emotionally compelling embodiment of the underlying pattern of initiation we all must go through — at this time in history.
  • …DNA — and human life as we know it — is a galactic template, written into the basic energy of the Cosmos itself on a quantum level.
  • The Law of One series gives us several critical clues revealing that Jesus became aphysical embodiment of the mind and personality of our galaxy.
  • The Law of One series does indicate that we will decisively move into “fourth density” some time approximately 30 years after 1981. They also say it will take 100 to 700 years for this transition to fully complete.
  • There is indeed a great script — an overarching Story — behind the events that unfold on earth… Once you understand that we are continually moving through a series of plot points, all the fear about where our current history is heading can be eliminated.

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