Get over it, folks! No matter what happens, the sky is NOT falling!

Okay, I’m back in my wi-fi equipped retreat “office” this morning. Was going to just check out the internet before going back for more mind-wrestling meditation, but then I ran across this article and just have to point you there. As an old Chicken Little type myself, all I can say is YES! Right on! And I’m glad he focuses on what is obviously the central issue, food security, as his example of how to make it through rough times by decentralizing production. I.e., rather than buying an increasingly expensive apple at the supermarket that has been shipped using fossil fuels from New Zealand, go pick an apple off your back yard tree.

The focus on individual self-sufficiency needs to be balanced, however, by a focus on neighborhood and community as well: not just do your own, but trust, share and connect. Let’s face it, though you can’t control other people’s responses (and that in itself is scary if you’re feeling vulnerable), more likely than not, you will encounter not just misunderstandings and denial, but you will also be blessed with synergies which you could never, ever, have predicted with that logical brain of yours. So yes, look ahead. And yes. Look ahead together. Sooner or later, others will catch on. Most likely, at least one of your neighbors already has. Just keep going. Much more fun that way, too. Thanks to zerohedge via rumormillnews.

Guest Post: The sky Is (Not) Falling: A “Little More Chicken” Tale

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