David Icke: “Energy flows where attention goes”

Okay, okay! Here’s one more post for today on this so-called retreat.

To what do we give your attention? And how expansive is it? I.e., how acute and encompassing your peripheral vision? How many dots do you connect? Deeper: can you surrender your own unique “point of attention” to the infinitely spacious presence that holds all dots as blips blinking into and out of form?

It seemed fitting that I saw this video today on David Icke’s site, just after finishing a reread of Colin Wilson’s terrific 1967 “sic-fi” thriller: The Mind Parasites. (I know, I know. Not exactly “retreat” material . . .) I read it back then and it scared me. My mind was still writhing with worms. Now I marvel at Wilson’s persipacity.

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