Mr Fish: Snowden “cartoon”


Click here to order a signed print,

or a T-shirt,with this cartoon.

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4 Responses to Mr Fish: Snowden “cartoon”

  1. No, I;ll just steal this picture and print my own T-Shirt for the good of all! 🙂

  2. Great picture but why try to make $ off of someone trying hard to save this world? This guy needs to check in with his soul and get recentered.He needs to be sharing this with the world for the safety of Snowden. His life is gravely in danger..VK

    • This point of view honestly never occurred to me. I assume that because Mr. Fish an artist, he probably needs money to go on and since he was the one who created the image . . . on the other hand, I can also understand your point of view, as well as Jay and Suzi’s. I could have just posted the image. Mr. Fish did not ask me to put up the info about ordering T-shirts. To me, it signified the idea that we can get the show on the road if we all wear that T-shirt, and why not order from Mr. Fish?

      • Happy 4th Ann…I can clearly see both sides, but the new world is all about giving and sharing and helping and money should be the least of our desires. The only way this new world is going to get off the ground is by people finding the courage to believe they will make it in life no matter what, money or no money. Where there is a will there is a way and the benefits of offering something like this to better the world is where we all need to be going. Just my thoughts. I loved the picture and was glad you posted it! Snowden is a true hero and needs us all behind him. Have a great day and enjoy the light bursting overhead. This day should really be a celebration of the light! Blessings…VK

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