Fox newscaster to Edgar Mitchell, about UFOs: “If this is true, it’s the story of the century!”

One hopes that this time revered astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s UFO testimony will be taken seriously — though please note the attitude of incredulity and even just-under-the-surface giddy hilarity of both Fox newscasters. Especially every time they have to mouth that little word “ay-lien.” When the ongoing ET/UFO presence has been subject to official, programmed “ridicule” for 60 years, it’s hard to change one’s sheeple mind.

I’m afraid this isn’t the first time Mitchell has briefed the MSM. Last year in March, for example, he talked with CNN. It seems pretty clear that his patience is drawing thin.

Disclosure? Milton Torres and Edgar Mitchell on CNN

One thing that the female broadcaster on Fox did realize, however, and actually manage to blurt out: “If this is true, it’s the story of the century!” I mean, duh!

See this year’s People’s Disclosure Hearing videos (especially testimonies of Paul Hellyer and Richard Dolan) and the Sirius film for other fast-moving ET/UFO developments in 2013. Lots of posts on this blog re: these two events. BTW: probably as a result of the People’s Disclosure Hearings, the Paul Hellyer full presentation at the UFO Congress in 2012 seems to have gone viral. That’s incredibly good news, as Hellyer, a former Canadian Defense Minister, is an extraordinary elder statesman not likely to be branded a “kook.”

Video: Dr Edgar Mitchell on Fox News July 2 – “Government Covered-Up ET Presence”

July 3, 2013

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Apparently, astronaut Edgar Mitchell just called into this program FOX & Friends on Fox News yesterday.

The hosts certainly let him have his say about the global government cover-up of the existence of our Galactic brothers and sisters.

As he told them, in no uncertain terms ” I don’t care what (you or) they think. You want my story; I’m telling you!” Go Edgar!

Recently Dr Mitchell and others informed US President Barack Obama in writing about the existence of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth

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