Parthenogenesis: Does the Virgin Mary have company?

elephantroom11Oh my! I was just about to hang it up for today and do a few errands when reader Rose sent me a link to this article, one man’s extended story of his decades-long obsession with parthenogenesis. I started to read it and couldn’t stop. (Not only does he talk about parthenogensis, but his friend Laurie, who conceived a child in this manner, did so as a 6’2″ long-time “breatharian” who stayed at a steady 135 pounds. That fact in itself, kept me reading. Though maybe what breatharians are really doing is assimilating light as their fuel? That was my conclusion as I watched my step-child, when he was very young, not eat for days! — and remain full of energy.)

I remember reading a book during my roaring feminist 20s that included parthenogensis, and though I no longer remember the book, I sure do remember that part of the plot. If parthenogenesis is real, and frankly, I don’t doubt it is, then the Virgin Mary has company. And when the Patriarchy finally has to acknowledge the fact that some women can conceive and give birth without any contribution from a man, well, what would happen then? No wonder we no longer know about what, according to Den Poitras, Native Americans and other aboriginal people have long recognized.

Thanks to, via Rose.

1025256916PARTHENOGENESIS: the long-lost ability of women to self-conceive and give birth to avatars.

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