Ruminations on Snowden’s epic journey, early morning, day two

Edward SnowdenUpdate: Please see Laura Bruno comment below.

For live (sometimes minute by minute) coverage, go to the guardian:

I presume that by now you’ve already learned that Snowden wasn’t on that plane he had booked out of Moscow that, however, baited his horde of ravenous journalists who are now heading for Havana without even the possibility of an alcoholic drink en route. . .

How does Snowden continue to elude the gigantic, insane, ego-driven Evil Empire? Astonishing. Or is Gordon Duff right. Here’s his new essay on the subject, which as is usual for him, blames Israel as top dog in all things evil. Is he correct? I have no idea. I continue to hold open my mind.

Veil of Lies, Snowden, and Wikileaks

I imagine Jon Rappoport will weigh in with another article in the same vein today, as well. I especially like the way he focuses on sociological programming, how it works. Here’s his from two days ago:

Heroes, Fake Hope, and Real Hope in the Matrix

I value both these perspectives (and Naomi Wolf’s as well), precisely because I feel so powerfully sucked in by this extraordinary drama. By saying this I don’t mean to denigrate Snowden, or my emotional and spiritual fusion with the millions of others who are “hoping against hope” that Snowden makes it to whatever safe place is possible — are there any? I’m reminded of my hero, anarchist Emma Goldman, who, as I recall, at one point was persona non grata just about everywhere on Earth.

No. I value these more jaundiced, skeptical, deeply “worldly” perspectives because I prefer to detach from my very real emotions and intense life-long idealism; because I prefer to truly allow what is to be what it is without my needing or expecting a particular outcome. After all, isn’t this what the Buddha was after, when he said that “life is suffering,” that the “cause of suffering is craving, or aversion” and that the cure for suffering is watching the mind, letting go of the need to have one’s expectations met?

I found an interesting little exercise today on rumormillnews. It’s one that I have practiced for years, to help me dissolve ego. Indeed, at one point, in my 40s, I had to consciously endure four hours of being slowly eviscerated with words by my raging ex-husband in order to get back together with my estranged children. And I had to do so with awareness, compassion, and no attachment. It worked. That four-hour ordeal set us all free.

Here’s the exercise:

Want to become more CONSCIOUS? Then use the moment when being rebuked or blamed, to observe your reaction . . . . . . .

Posted By: Bob [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 23-Jun-2013 17:11:30

AND . . . . . .

Observe your self (your ‘ego’) making an ‘excuse’, and coming up with a ‘reason’!

In that moment, you’re instantly ‘unconscious’ again, i.e.

Gone ‘back to sleep’, to your normal and ‘deluded’ state of existence, being that

Of the robotic/machine-like, ‘living dead’ person,

You ‘think’ you are. (a living corps inside a mechanical/physical body.)


When your mind is still and/or stilled enough in the above example,

You will become more and more conscious of your true essence or presence, and

Become truly alive.

Know this (not ‘think’ this),

Thus realizing your immortality in that moment, and

Momentarily returning to the SOURCE of ‘all things’.

Which is a state of true bliss and delight.

Isn’t that what we are all really after and longing for in this physical existence?

No body (else) can do this for you.

So why not practice this idea, (of self-observation), moment to moment, and see what happens in your own experience?!


Imagine, if all the talking heads fulminating their wrath for or against Snowden and/or the NSA yesterday on the Sunday morning talk shows (I didn’t watch, didn’t need to; don’t have television, don’t need it; but know how predictive and retrodictive its continuous insanity producing programming) would learn this practice? How would the world change? How fast?

Meanwhile, today, after going back to bed for awhile in the early AM after checking to see if the guardian had anything new on Snowden, I found myself wanting to get inside his fragile skin, his psyche. How would it feel to be The One? To be the one slight, small, vulnerable, being on Earth who’s directly the grinding, mechanical, exacting, fumbling (?) cross-hairs of the biggest baddest Empire the world has ever seen?

Speaking of which, according to Mike Adams of naturalnews, Ecuador may not be the best choice.

Ed Snowden beware: U.S. State Dept. has confirmed history of running covert abductions of Americans in Ecuador

This whole epic tale is so preposterously perfect that if it were fiction, nobody would believe it? Is it?

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  1. laurabruno says:

    Also, look at what’s being obscured by all this Snowden snow:

    I have always found the book, “The Key: How to Write a Damn Good Novel Using the Power of Myth” as an excellent gloss on most blockbuster news stories: … Seriously! Having read this book and written my own novel, it becomes very obvious when someone’s taking a grain of truth an blowing it up to the size of a myth meant to become truth with a capital T.

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