Duff and Rappoport again: Edward Snowden CIA?

Edward SnowdenGordon Duff and Jon Rappoport both have new pieces out on Edward Snowden, both claiming that he is most likely a CIA operative, planted (or, since he is strongly Neptunian, possibly, duped, I said in my astrological analysis of him) to do what he did to bring the NSA down.

Gordon Duff: NSA: Behind the Edward Snowden “smokescreen”

Jon Rappoport: NSA Scandal: the deepest secret of the Ed Snowden Operation

I do wonder about the timing of Snowden’s disclosure and its intense MSM publicity (distracting the public from both the Manning trial, from skullduggery in Syria, and from who knows what else), and, more and more, I’ve been wondering how he’s managed to get to “safe houses” and remain there. Who is the group that is protecting him?

BTW: Gordon Duff also thinks that the CIA killed Aaron Swartz. So then he did not hang himself? The CIA did? Or he was mind-controlled to hang himself? Or, if he didn’t hang himself but was murdered some other way, then his girl friend, who said she found the body, didn’t? She’s part of the psyop? On and on. Hard to believe Duff on this one. Easier to believe that the relentless investigation into Swartz had weakened his life force to the point where it just wasn’t worth living any more. Which makes me wonder afresh about this other extraordinary young one, Edward Snowden. How could he appear so seemingly integrated and articulate with so much intense heat directed his way?

Since both Duff and Rappoport seem to have deep connections and/or familiarity with these weird alphabet agencies and their rivalries, I can’t discount their views of Snowden as CIA. On the other hand, maybe Edward Snowden really is who he says he is. I certainly thought so after that Q & A with the guardian.

This whole spy/whistleblower imbroglio sure does remind me of the UFO labyrinth: one rabbit hole after another.

Once again, I’m back to seeing reality as infinitely multidimensional, where anything you can imagine as real, probably is — in some universe or another. I.e., it’s all true. And if it is “all true,” then the responsibility lies with each of us, and with humanity as a species, to choose which reality, which “time-line” we want to follow, because whatever we most strongly imagine, sooner or later, will come to pass.

What kind of world do we choose to create? Let’s go there and do that. Make every thought and every action count.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I still think there are coalitions at very high levels inside our government agencies that humbly, lovingly and fearlessly are intent on serving the loving-good energies of service-to-others. NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, even NASA, all hold these seemingly confusing counter insurgent forces that assert themselves. The balance of energy is always cycling and changing, like the volatility index on the NYSE. The over arching direction of our dimension has to align to the rising octave of new age. We just go with the flow and enjoy the ride. 🙂

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