It’s time: DEMAND ZERO

I woke up at two and a half when, sitting at the feet of my mother, I heard the radio address announcing the decimation of Hiroshima. Mom and her parents rejoiced. That meant the war was over and Dad would come home.

That moment set up a deep disconnect within my psyche. If I loved my Dad, I would be glad about the Bomb. If I hated the Bomb, that meant I hated my Dad?

In any case, I was among the frozen survivors of that “cold war” that drove a deep wedge of denied fear-based consciousness into the American psyche. A fear-based consciousness that we are only now recognizing, and working to dissolve on a mass level.

Unfortunately, I was one of those who couldn’t go into denial. Instead, I became like Chicken Little, but afraid to talk about it, because people would think me crazy. So I didn’t. Instead, I pretended — to be a child, to play, to plan for my future.

Future? What future? The world would blow up in my lifetime.

In my 40s I began to realize that something must be preventing us from accidentally or on purpose blowing it up. (At that point there were, as I recall, 50,000 nuclear missiles on either side, aimed at each other’s cities.) At first I thought it was the workings of a divine hand. And was, of course, grateful.

But I still carried the burden of that original wake-up call inside me. And somehow, I still felt responsible. If I didn’t want the world to blow up in my lifetime I personally would have to make sure it didn’t. Huh? I wonder now how I could have taken on the whole horrible issue to my tiny little girl shoulders at that age. But I did. Perhaps it was what I was born to do. And it certainly did wake me up. Placed me outside the Matrix, alone, lonely, and longing for company.

In the early ’90s I took a trip to Egypt, and while there enjoyed/endured a miraculous meeting with Sekhmet, goddess of war, in a tiny temple near Karnak. That meeting absolved me from feeling personally responsible for nuclear war. I felt reborn, and began to live.

About a decade later I learned about Nukes and UFOs. That led me to the rabbit hole of info/disinfo on the ET presence.

Meanwhile, back to nuclear weapons. They’re still here! Not as many, but so what? How many thousands (hell, hundreds) does it take to blow up the world?

So, to me, this demand seems obvious.

Ahead of next week’s G8 summit, a terrific new video featuring a slew of A-list Hollywood actors who simply echo a 2009 speech by President Obama calling for “a world without nuclear weapons.” From Global Zero, with a petition.

“Some argue that the spread of these weapons cannot be stopped, cannot be checked. Such fatalism is a deadly adversary.” – Robert De Niro/Matt Damon


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