Re: housing. Think Different! Here are two extremes.

From small to large, the conestoga hut to the earthship, think different!

Small: remember the covered (conestoga) wagon? Now we have the Conestoga Hut, costs less than $500, takes about 3 hours to construct “— a first settlement structure.”

Here’s one built for a new mom-to-be so she won’t be homeless when baby is born.

I know, it’s kinda ugly, but functional, and way cheaper than the fabulous 30-foot diameter Wyoming yurt I lived in for nearly 20 years.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 8.55.02 AM

My sweet yurt.

Now let’s visit the other end of the scale: earthships, built of recycled materials and scalable.

One crucial little snag: antiquated building codes. Time to get seats on the zoning boards of our cities and counties. . .

Another snag: developer-designed neighborhood rules, especially new suburban developments which often don’t allow homes smaller than, say, 1500 square feet (I’m guessing).

So much has to change in order for us to preserve this beautiful Earth for our descendants. We are the ones who must rise to this occasion. Let us follow the examples of Manning, Greenwald and Snowden, willing to give our very lives for the public good.


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