Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy, at the Bilderberg Fringe Festival . . .


. . . and it sound’s like she’s having a blast. Here are two short excerpts from her blog on Project Camelot.

Well I got an answer from the quotes around it now: “Bilderberg Press Office” this morning as follows. As you will see, they are really not letting the press anywhere near the actual building where the Bilderberg Meeting is happening (correction “some” press): CORRECTION AGAIN:

Now I find out that this is not even a real press office!! Just an activist group that set up a website and is handling the alternative press at the Fringe event area… jeez. LOL No wonder they didn’t let me in at the Grove Gate!! I am probably the ONLY JOURNALISTwith the chutzpah to have a taxi take them to the GATE and ask for admittance. Priceless.

Then she throws down the gauntlet:

The question everyone needs to be asking is WHO REALLY RUNS THE WORLD… and Bilderberg is bascially a group of upper level managers who are getting together to review world events and exchange views in a “safe” atmosphere.

One of my sources (a Brit) suggested that its not that hard to book space in an UNDERGROUND BASE for such a high level meeting… But instead they choose to do it TOPSIDE… with the result that after all these years even the mainstream press is starting to get wind that the WORLD RULERS are really the NWO in action. Not something that is COMING but it is HERE NOW.

And the GLOVES ARE OFF.. they don’t care if you know that the organizations like Parliament and the U.S. Congress have nothing to do with running the world.. The real rulers are UNELECTED and doing so from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WITH NO OVERSIGHT from you or me… ie. THE PEOPLE.

This is the game. What is new is simply that they want you to know they are doing it… And from their perspective its taken this long for the Press and so-called governments to catch on. And now that you know… members of PARLIAMENT and the PRESS… What are you going to do about it?


One British MP has already weighed in:

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