TSA replaces one evil technology with another?

To those who rejoice to hear that

TSA eliminates all invasive X-Ray machines

please note that this article points out that “backscatter technology” has been replaced by “millimeter wave” technology. What is that?

I googled “millimeter wave technology and health effects.” Here’s natural news on the subject, in 2010: Mike Adams discovered that millimeter wave scanners may damage human DNA. Yuck. I still opt for the grope, oops, I mean “pat-down.”

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2 Responses to TSA replaces one evil technology with another?

  1. laurabruno says:

    My last grope was like a massage. LOL, I was like, “Can you check a little more around my neck? Lugging my backpack around really has it spasm-ing.” Kerry Cassidy has some interesting info on the new TSA scanners –something about being able to tell if people are really human. We are in a bizarre world right now! Sometimes ya just gotta laugh at the absurdities…

    • Yeah, I’ve had massage-like gropes also; and I’ve had two gropes where, I swear, the woman was reincarnated gestapo. My favorite was in the airport leaving Nepal. The young woman was so respectful, so embarrassed for me that she had to subject me to any indignity whatsoever. Really loved that woman.

      And yeah, it’s so bizarre that when I’m in my pure-on observer phase, I can laugh it all off. I’m usually about 75% there — not enough! Thanks for the subtle reminder, Laura!

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