Garden Tower Project to be featured on PBS!


The Garden Tower Project was started by my son, Colin Cudmore, three years ago, to address the problem of how to grow food easily, especially if you don’t have available garden space. Plus, it’s great for those folks who don’t like to bend over, or no longer can bend over . . . He and his partners Joel and Tom and a few employees have been revving up to speed these past two months, putting out 20 towers per week, mostly backlog from a kickstarter fundraiser that netted nearly $90,000, 3X what they asked for.

Amazing. So now, PBS! They just found out this week. A seven minute segment, to be aired in September. Not sure what show.

I find the timing hilarious: exactly the day before they are to move production out of the garage next to the GANG garden into a large warehouse. Just like Silicon Valley tech giants, this little entrepenurial project got started in a (in this case, ramshackle) garage . . .

Even more hilarious, or tragic, depending on your point of view, Colin, who is highly allergic to bees, got stung one hour before PBS was due to arrive. He immediately scarfed lots of benedryl, and then of course, got sleepy and woozy. How would he be able to function? Luckily, the crew was an hour late, and Colin’s adrenalin apparently overpowered his sleepiness. His partner Joel, who borrowed my iphone to take these pictures, tells me Colin did a fine job explaining how the tower works to the PBS crew.

Juan shows how to make the holes.

Juan shows how to make the holes.

Colin finishes up the tower, (now upside down).

Colin finishes up the tower, (now upside down).

And they got to wear their new Garden Tower Project T-shirts, with the motto:

Feed yourself. Feed your friends. Feed the world.

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