Interview with Sir Julian Rose, longtime U.K. organic farmer and environmental activist

Here’s quick 13 minute look at the work and thought process of Julian Rose, a UK environmental activist and organic farmer since 1975! The interview was conducted in 2011. My how things have changed. We are “starting a movement back to the land,” we are “working to stop the worst things (Monsanto, etc.) that are destroying the new seeds,” we are “weaning ourselves off the propaganda machine.” More and more of us, each of us individually, working together locally, with a global understanding of the need to devolve centralized, top-down power to the Earth herself, She who powers both the grass and the grassroots. What he does not mention, at least in this interview, is how communitarian approaches, Transition Towns etc., help, as does networking. Not just individual self-sufficiency, but community sovereignty.

From my notes:

“We need to start a movement back to the land, which involves people who are aware practicing self-sufficiency in food, energy and house-building, and simultaneously, to stop the worst things that are destroying the new seeds.”

“Our greatest challenge is to wean ourselves off the propaganda machine which runs most of our lives. We have to dig deep. We really can’t take many steps forward unless you take many steps deeper into yourself. The two things go hand in hand.”

“We’ve had the arrogance to believe, in the last two or three hundred years, that we know the answers. That we can find solutions to everything we do wrong.”

“We have to cease being frightened from departing from the status quo.”

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