“Alternative” approaches to breast health

images-2Industrial medicine prop Angelina Jolie’s (most likely mind-controlled) “decision” (see this and this) to lop off her healthy breasts as a pre-emptive measure reminds me of our so-called need for pre-emptive wars. Awful, awful. Such a sad commentary on where we are as a culture, and the continuing war against both females and the feminine principle in nature.

My relationship to my own breasts has always been to first, appreciate them for their life-giving nourishment (I nursed both my sons, in public, before that was culturally sanctioned), and second, to allow them as much freedom as needed to stay healthy.

Since the beginning of the bra-burning days (remember that?) that’s meant no bras; they are allowed to swing where they will. I do wear two layers of clothing usually, so as not to call undue attention. Or, rarely, I wear a loose-fitting cloth bra with no wired undercups. I’ve never, that is NEVER worn a bra with those awful wires preventing movement up and down.

And when I feel pain in a breast? When there’s a sore spot? I press that point, until the pain releases, on the theory that all disease is, at bottom, stuck energy.

Nor have I ever, that is EVER, subjected my breasts to mammograms, knowing intuitively that mammograms cause more cancer than they reveal. And then of course, there’s all the “false positives,” plus the tiny cancerous nodes that would just stay in situ and not grow unless disturbed . . . or that dissolve in time. . . I do think we all have cancerous cells in our bodies, and that it behooves us to keep on moving that energy out. No big deal. Just keep moving and detoxing. Make it hard for cancerous cells to collect, congeal. I.e., KEEP ON OPENING, DON’T GET STUCK! Don’t get stuck physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

I really like the way this young woman talks about breasts. She even teaches this old crone a thing or two.

Viva La Boobies! 7 Things to Know about Breasts

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