Why I just watched a video showing how to transform a ruined cattle farm into a permaculture paradise.

At the suggestion of my young permie housemate Jim, I just watched this permaculture video. Whew! And in only ten years! Lots of ideas here for small, low-cost design systems that perform multiple functions. . .

The reason I decided to watch it, is because I need to prepare for what we’re about to do: go full bore into a permaculture design that will incorporate into an integrated system both my home’s Overhill St. property (home not visible because of trees, but with purple marker) and the one next door to it (at the corner of DeKist and Overhill), which sports the GANG (Green Acres Neighborhood Garden) next to a rental house that, more and more, houses people who gravitate towards the garden. The garage on that property (also not visible) has, for the past few months, also housed my son’s Garden Tower Project‘s production facility, which is due to expand into a much larger warehouse space elsewhere this Thursday.

Here’s a couple of google maps. The first shows the DeKist/Overhill corner property before I bought it and held workshops to put in the garden.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 1.38.24 PMThe second shows the garden after two years. Here, my house marked as “A”.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 2.00.40 PM

And yes, there are lots of trees in the Green Acres neighborhood (and all over bloomin’ Bloomington), which we imagine, and are working towards, as an ecovillage. We love trees, and yet we need sun to grow food! I bought the DeKist property because its sunny side lawn is perfect for a neighborhood permaculture demonstration project.

As soon as the DeKist house roof deteriorates enough, I’ll replace it with a tin roof with a solar array on top, for both properties. That may actually have to be sometime this year . . .

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