Lester Brown’s “Plan B” for saving civilization — will it work?

Thanks to Mary for a nudging me towards these two videos that present Lester Brown’s “Plan B” for “saving civilization” to create “sustained progress.”

The last phrase bothers me. Why use that word “progress? — so identified with the industrial age that has poisoned all living things? Unless we redefine “progress” to not mean “growth” we’re in trouble . . . What about a “steady state” economy? that’s what Nature has practiced forever . . . On the other hand, progress in complexity, diversity, stability, resilience? Yes. That we do need to see and practice in our own homegrown permaculture systems.

Also, not sure any centralized solutions are going to work . . .

Also, where is the mention of permaculture here? Everyone I know who gets even a whiff of this way of viewing and interacting with nature comes away inspired, knowing that this is how we save the world. This integrated approach to our interaction with nature is what gives hope to the children. Permaculture. All school curricula need to be funneled through its overarching perspective.

Most of these two videos take a sustained look at what’s wrong. Only the final two minutes of the second video show us hopeful approaches in various places.

Here is, to me, the most powerful slide in this power point presentation.

On entering World War II, the U.S. mobilized its resources and completely restructured its economy within months

Protecting the U.S. drove this mobilization; saving civilization will require action equal in urgency, but much larger in scale

We have the technologies to implement Plan B. What is needed now is the political will to do so

Or maybe what’s needed is a civilizational shock of some kind, one that instantly, if chaotically, reorients everyone to the core values that govern life on earth. A “global coastal event”? A global currency meltdown? A UFO/ET sighting that can’t be denied? What will it take?

On the other hand, more and more, I can sense more and more of us opening our hearts to let the whole world in. . . this growing rapprochement, with each other, with the natural world, may just shift the atmosphere enough to allow an entirely new set of possibilities to arise that to us, now, seem utterly unimaginable. And when and if that happens, both Lester Brown’s doggedly serious and detailed approach and anything I or anyone else can dream up will prove utterly obsolete, even laughable. So yes, let’s keep those hearts opening! Who knows what we will dream up together once enough of us are in conscious communion with the universe.

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