Centralized governments cannot help but grow top-heavy to the point of failure?



Obama claims that he doesn’t know what various branches of his government are doing in the proliferating scandals that are engulfing the executive branch. Hey, maybe he’s telling the truth! Maybe there’s no way he could know. Maybe nobody knows! Our centralized federal government is like a runaway train, or rather, a million runaway trains, chugging in all directions, gobbling up space, time, matter, energy . . .

Maybe we don’t even have to “blame” a tiny cabal, saying it runs everything. Maybe that’s just a comforting thought, to think something is, must be, to blame. Maybe we have to face the scary possibility that nothing is running everything, or anything! Maybe it’s just the dynamic, increasingly chaotic interface between decidedly unwise humanity and its constantly accelerating, ever proliferating technology gone wild, gone rogue, gone to seed, with the seeds blowing every which way in the wind.

I remember when “ignorance of the law is no excuse” didn’t seem quaint . . . How could anybody possibly know all the laws and regs that, like little traps, try to squeeze and stop the life pouring in from the universe and trying, trying, trying to blast through the emotional/mental blocks of denial, fear, repression that keep us from serving the whole? To get us to the point where once again, we re-member ourselves as creators, rather than victims, or mere survivors of all the conceptual and material junk that’s flying around.

Today I found this eye-opener on shiftfrequency.com.

Jonathan Turley: The Rise of the Fourth Branch of Government

I asked myself, is this inevitable? Top-heavy to the point of failure of any centralized government? Googled some version of that question, and found this, a guest post on zerohedge:

The master narrative nobody dares admit: centralization has failed

Centralization itself is the disease, and devolving power to decentralized nodes based on the transparent power of the Web is the cure.”

Yep. Time to head back into the garden, the neighborhood, the community. Grow local, buy local, stay local. Dig in.

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4 Responses to Centralized governments cannot help but grow top-heavy to the point of failure?

  1. Alex Jones says:

    The complexity of US government bodies, so many that seem to duplicate each other, must be a heavy resource burden on the US citizen, and also ineffective at dealing with the challenges that USA will face now and in the future.

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