One astrologer’s “take” on energies for June, July 2013

Here’s one astrologer’s “scary” version of June and July’s energies — all based on his reading of triggers to the ongoing wham/bam/pow of the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square. While I’d prefer a change in tone, and his language is decidedly eccentric, I’d say his info is good — as far as it goes.

The point is, during this entire Uranus/Pluto time (2012-2015), we’ve got to remember the overall atmosphere in which all these huge structural changes are taking place: Neptune is moving through Pisces (2011-2023), where it softens blows, melts us into compassion and oneness, and opens doors to multidimensional realities.

Red Alert – AstroZen

May 25, 2013

by Robert Hitt

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by Robert Hitt

That’s what ya get for pretending the danger’s not real
Long trodden corridors into the valley of steel
What a surprise… a look of terminal shock in your eyes??
NOoooo…. THIS IS NO BAD DREAM………………………… floydism

Holy smoke I am so glad I just shut up and watched the past 2 weeks. So much info has dropped into my mind.. The discussion below uses terminology that many don’t know and I have done my best to use as little astro jargon as possible.. It would be great some day to be able to speak in more technical terms to a wide audience but alas speaking in astro language is more rare than speaking Greek into today’s world.

The Moore OK tornado occurred on the EXACT Uranus Pluto square. For a non astrologer the square means that the two planets are at 90 degrees to each other.. In this case it was exact down to the 1/60th of a degree exact when the tornado was doing it’s thing. So ya think astrology is bullshit do ya? Keep in mind that I use GEOCENTRIC alignments and the square between Uranus and Pluto occurs 7 times starting in 2010.. the first in April 2010 almost to the VERY DAY that the Gulf oil spill occurred.. The last of the 7 squares is 2015. Oh and those who remember last year the Uranus Pluto square was exact in July 2012 which was triggered by a SUN PLUTO URANUS T SQUARE which was the exact day of the dereco storm that tore up the power grind in 5 states.. just sayin.. Uranus is chaos and Pluto is creative destruction and they are in stress fighting each other. When other planets join into that alignment SHIT HAPPENS. Readers will see what I am talking about below.

OH and how bout that global warming eh?? LOLOL I am still running the heater in my place.. North of me it seems maybe ski season on during Memorial day. Guess those geoengineers overshot the dosage of the chemtrails or something.

And the crisis actors guild that starred in Sandy Hook and Boston have gone on tour to jolly old London too.. It does appear to me that the lack of talent in these terror porn episodes is on purpose.. I think maybe the idea of such bad acting is to separate the sheep even further from the reality stream so that anyone who has a few brain cells left is even further isolated from the rest of them. Gawd almighty I am amazed at the glazed look reaction I get nowadays when even going into the most basic concepts of false flags with people.. I truly believe at this point that the strategy is to discourage those of us who KNOW SOMETHING from SAYING SOMETHING.. People seem to be so numb about reality that they have such an incredible stake in ego that they have to refuse to believe they are THAT FUCKING DUMB to not see the bad acting.. At this point I would bet that if I offered a 100 dollar bill to most people in exchange for 2 hours of discussion about this river of bullshit we are riding down most would turn me down flat..

I will say also that the predictions of the RV (Remote Viewing) people and web bot Clif about quakes and rocks falling to earth at end of May has nearly passed.. We do have space rocks flying around and we did have an 8.3 quake in the window so I tip my hat.. To me it confirms that the RV types did indeed see an event located in this timeframe .. BUT maybe better to say that RV people saw the situation through the minds eye of the population in the future (which is now the NOW) .. And the non astrological methods used now seem to me to be a clear case of them seeing what goes on in the MINDS of people out on the future timeline rather than the ACTUAL OUTSIDE REALITY parts of it.. Perception is indeed a form of reality.. Hey a few more days and the window for that stuff closes early June and then it is on to the next thing.


The eclipses are now past.. The lunar eclipse on May 24th was soo so interesting in the almost complete separation from reality people have reported to me.. Even up at the local watering hole people were telling me they were having dreams about aliens and such. Humm. As I write today the last astro I have concerns about in this window is Mars is going over the fixed star ALGOL.. The first Nuke TEST IN JULY 1945 WAS CONDUCTED WHEN MARS WAS CONJUNCT ALGOL. .. Humm.. Maybe a new weapon is being tested right now? I noted that the spire on top of the new “freedumb tower” just was put into place.. Nicola Tesla maybe turning over in his grave? Oh oh oh I am sorry it is just a teevee broadcast tower.. Ya, lets not get out of the box too much. Ahemm. … Seems it took about a month after the trinity test in 45 to see the weapon deployment so that could be an interesting point out on the timeline late June and July..

So lets look out a month or two at what is on the timeline astrologically. The first few weeks of June are a bit of a calm down.. Saturn and Neptune are going to be in a very persistent trine 120 degrees and various planets will be moving into a trine to both called a grand trine which represents a time of stability.. And maybe a period of inertia.. The grand trines will have trigger planets on the timeline moving through early Cancer.. They will be Mercury June 3.. Venus June 6.. Moon June 9th.. Sun June 25th.. THEN THINGS GET VERY INTERESTING.

Jupiter will move into position at 4 degrees of Cancer on July 16th. .. This slower planet is going to be in close enough orb of exact as to have an effect from about July 4th all the way into the end of July.. Mars is trailing right behind Jupiter mid month so is in reality a MARS JUPITER CONJUNCTION involved in the grand trine which will be at max effect on JULY 20th. Seems maybe a calm before a storm because as the grand trine effect wanes the Mars Jupiter conjunction will move right into a VERY NASTY alignment with Uranus and Pluto called a T square. Yep VERY similar to July of 2012 when the derecho (land hurricane) hit.. Humm.. MARS AND JUPITER will be squared to Uranus and opposed to Pluto with max effect on July 25th – July 27th

Let’s get into some specifics as far as scenarios to watch for. What concerns me is during the calm down period lasting into mid July it is a very strong possibility that everything seems not just “normal” but things that would otherwise raise alarm bells will be ignored..

That’s what ya get for pretending the danger’s not real…. Long trodden corridors into the valley of steel

I see the Adam Kokesh armed march on DC July 4th.. HAHAHA what could possibly go wrong .. I lived in Nixonian times so PROVOCATEURS will be a problem.. I do expect issues around then no matter what Kokesh does.. I figure at a minimum the last layers of martial law preemptive CONgressional actions will be put in place by first two weeks of July..

Ahhh then we have the meat.. Sorry bout the long URL.. Please watch the video I think it shows this guy is really credible..

This link was sent to me last week.. WATCH BEFORE READING FURTHER.. .. made my hair stand on end I tell ya …

Because the event is 20 miles away from me.

I have CONFIRMED by talking to locals that indeed there is a long planned mass casualty drill going on based on a bio terror scenario that is NOT A SECRET around here. OMG..
WHAT CONCERNS ME IS THE ASTRO snaps off sharply from DUMB AS SHIT COMPLACENT INTO FULL BLOWN PANIC astro from about the 20th to the 27th. So the astro does indeed indicate something .. THEREFORE I MUST SAY SOMETHING … The overlay is the obvious setups here as in the precursors that have been going on for a long time. Now one might ask WHY would the boy scouts be a target for a false flag? Humm. The gays in the scouts thing is big in the news.. And the scouts are maybe the last vestige of the so called Christian roots of this country.. and maybe with the possible exception of Texas my state WV is at the top of the hate list.. Think about the fact that in the primaries in 2012 West Virginia voted FOR an imprisoned man from out of state over OBAMA. There is also probably more guns per capita here than any other state as well. So if one is being a detective looking at this it seems maybe a motive is present beyond the obvious.. KEEP IN MIND WE HAVE SEEN AN EVENT ALREADY AS THE BREVICK MASSACRE of the children of political enemies of the state of Israel. The Norway political party that was going to vote yes on recognizing a Palestinian state were those that got their children massacred. Just sayin. Crimes always have a motive.

From a local perspective it seems a prefect setup if something happens that instead of 100 square miles on a lockdown like in Boston it will be 10 times that.. like 1000 square miles under lockdown so the entire lower half of the state of West Virginia would be involved. If that be the case I will be living inside of that area.. GULP.. I have to admit that I moved here knowing this place was isolated to a point that it would be easy to keep outsiders out in a bio attack and it is very alarming to now see it is also a place that such a thing could be CONTAINED as well. Gawd maybe I was so smart that I was dumb about this.

I will also add.. that it seems to me that when big shit happens it is not just a one scenario game plan.. It seems like the plans always have multiple locations.. Maybe they go live only if there is little perceived chance of something going wrong as in getting CAUGHT.. If there is a big event planned in your local area at end of July it is your duty as an American citizen to find out if there has been any long standing planning for a DRILL which could go potentially and tragically LIVE.

sooo.. It is all hands on deck here people.. SEE SOMETHING.. SAY SOMETHING is the irony here.


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