Medea Benjamin shines on CNN after “heckling” the president

CNN continuously interrupts Medea Benjamin after, being asked, she tries to explain why her interruptions of the president wasn’t heckling. “You’re hurting your own cause by being rude to the president of the United States.” Her response to this is immediate and obvious — “drones are rude” etc. — and yet, of course, she’s then once again, interrupted. The CNN lady reminded me of all those who think that we’re supposed to be “polite” no matter what’s happening. That “there’s a time and a place.” Exactly. And as Medea Benjamin says, “The time for words is over. The president must act.”

On the other hand, that CNN allowed Medea Benjamin to speak at all is remarkable, and makes me wonder what’s really going on. (And see Anelia Benz, who also wonders what’s going on with the mass media.)

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2 Responses to Medea Benjamin shines on CNN after “heckling” the president

  1. FedUpYours says:

    Gawd this CNN teleprompter journalist is a real brainwashed ‘tool”, she just doesnt get it at all and has a very biased and prejuidice manner. just another MSM sheeple.

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