David Icke: more on the Moon Matrix

David Icke has long claimed that our Moon is an artificial body put in place by some unknown civilization that keeps us entranced in a tiny mental prison, and awash in hormonal tides. I tend to agree, since otherwise I can’t make sense of eclipses. Think about it. The Moon is so much smaller and closer than the Sun. And yet, at certain points in our time/space, from Earth’s point of view, the disc of one exactly covers the disc of the other. Huh? Like a finely synchronized watch! And every time I look at the Moon I think about Gurdjieff’s remark, that we are “food for the Moon.” Menstruating women are highly aware of this fact, for a few days each month, either at New or Full Moon. As are Full Moon bar patrons, the world over.

As an astrologer, I think of the Moon as the first cycle that we must learn to see through, for it is the monthly lunar cycle that conditions us emotionally during the very first month of our lives! That conditioning is primal, primordial, relates to sucking, support, survival — or not. Either we feel safe in the universe, or we don’t. The moon is a womb. It is also a tomb, if we don’t learn to punch through it with awareness.

From my notes:

The moon acts as a firewall. . . preventing us from seeing the universe. . . not just with our five outer senses but with our intuition. . . You don’t construct the Moon unless you are technologically light years ahead of us. . . When we wake up, when we go beyond mind into consciousness you go beyond the Moon Matrix, and suddenly you see things you couldn’t see before.

I think in the next few years we’re going to find out a few things about the moon. . . . But now they’re bombing the moon. Why are they bombing the bloody moon?

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