Oklahoma tornado witnessed by ufos?

This reminds me of supposed ufo activity above Fukushima during the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster there in March, 2011.

Multiple UFOs Observe Oklahoma Tornadoes As Seen On TV News, May 2013.

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What do we make of these supposed sightings? Not only, Are they “real”? — but if they are real, then why? The very paranoid might say that nasty ufos “cause” big earth changes. More likely: these otherworldly visitors are more tuned in than we are, and can sense when something big’s about to happen. It may be that they are here to watch and observe and perhaps, even to help mitigate god-awful events that spin us from ordinary life into the miraculous. Certainly, the Disclosure Hearings of earlier this month point in that direction. More and more people are waking up to the fact that ufos have stopped nuclear missiles in their silos before they accidentally or on purpose discharge.

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