Lady Renee continued: photo at airport

I tried, and failed, to find this photo again for yesterday’s post. Just now my sister Marnie found it. The photo was taken at the airport in New Orleans, shows her two youngest chilluns, John and Kristin, who functioned as her guardians on the trip to Baton Rouge, and Paula, the daughter whose need to care for Mom matches Mom’s need to live out her days “in a family that loves me.”

And Mom, in my estimation, looks more relaxed than I’ve seen her in years.


When John tucked Mom in last night, she asked when she would be going home. He told her she is home now, that she is to live with Paula, and that Dad wants it that way. That seemed to settle her.

BTW: John and Kristin arrived at the airport in New Orleans this morning only to find that both their flights out were cancelled due to possible tornado activity. They hope to get home to Seattle and Anchorage tomorrow. I leave Seattle for Indiana tomorrow, hoping weather will not prevent!

I found myself at Chief Seattle’s gravesite today, on Bainbridge Island — and discovered that this visit was exactly what I needed. More on that once I’m home.

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  1. grandpatom says:

    I think it’s awesome that you share your personal story like this. Do you get any flak from your family for it? I admire the courage it takes for some to use the internet this way. Some in my family get nervous (or ‘worse’ lol) about even sharing personal stories on Facebook!
    I admire this new development your mom and sister are going for! My 84-year-old mom has dementia also (so she doesn’t give me flak anymore about not being able to visit her often, lol) and my brother recently wrote to me that he feels mom’s quality of life is so poor that he doesn’t understand why all the prayers (her own included, allegedly) for her to be taken “home” to be with dad and the Lord are not being answered. I have heard her say that is what she wants, which puzzles me since at the time of his passing their relationship was so acrimonious that they could no longer live together in the same rooms in the wonderful facility my dad chose for them. Personally, from my perspective, mom seems more content than I’ve ever perceived her to be before, but I’m not able to physically check it out nearly as often as I wish I could be. Kudos to your family!

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