I’m off to Seattle, May 16-22: will I post? Not sure.

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Lady Renee, mother of eight, in the cafeteria at Mount St. Vincent, where she has been living since Dad died last August.

And if I do, it will be probably only one post daily, personal.

See this, and this.

The time has come which our 94-year-old Mom has been eagerly awaiting. A three day celebration in which we give her a big send-off prior to lift-off, on the arms of her two youngest, and tallest, and strongest, children, first class, to Baton Rouge, where she will be cared for in the manner which she announced, clear as a bell and insistent, she wanted, by our loving sister Paula.

Speaking for all those elders who are held in institutional holding pens, no matter how caring the place, she announced, wiping the cobwebs of dementia from her brain in a rumbling from deep below:

“This is crazy. My life is crazy. I want to live with a family who loves me.”

Over the next few days, she repeated this, or some variant of it, over and over again, demanding that we take her seriously. So we did.

Our Lady Renee has been nested in a beautiful little studio apartment with a view of Seattle and the Cascades beyond, on the fourth floor of the state-of-the-art Mount Saint Vincent facility in West Seattle, for almost exactly nine months since Dad died. A new birth is in order. Birthing herself, her own choices, for however long that she remains here, in that old, decrepit, but still remarkably functional, body.

It’s only been three weeks since she told us, in no uncertain terms, that she wanted to “go south. . . as soon as possible.

Her bags are packed. Her arm chair has been removed. What’s left of her stuff is on its way to various grandchildren. A few photos and photo albums have been sent south already. Only one large suitcase will go with her. After all, as she pointed out, she won’t need her winter clothes down there.

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3 Responses to I’m off to Seattle, May 16-22: will I post? Not sure.

  1. Nancy Frieden says:

    so happy for her… good going paula and renee…xoxoxox

  2. rose day says:

    Hi Ann,

    Just a note to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts as your beautiful mother moves to, as we say in the south…”a whole other place and time”. (So wonderful that we can create unity within diversity.)

    I am struck by how universal are the themes when ‘children’ must help parents transition and for me personally a small gift was honoring the poignancy of the situation. (The real trick was mining the emotional landscape for pockets of humor…lol.)

    Have fun and enjoy.

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