Disclosure? What are the odds?

chips_dice_wheelThat’s actually being asked right now on the first market to bet on Disclosure. Can you imagine any more significant marker than this for normalizing the idea of contact with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings, given that we earthlings are, in the early 21st century, still hopelessly addicted to, among other things, gambling?

The question is which, if any, nation is the most likely to be the first to admit contact before October, 2013.

Betting on Disclosure?

May 14, 2013

by Kerry Cassidy


There is money in everything, why not disclosure. It appears a market is being generated over just such an eventuality:

From a Camelot viewer:

…this is incredibly interesting and heightens disclosure in the near future

this is a bet on an Australian Betting site for DISCLOSURE!

i copied and pasted the details. Love to know your thoughts on this



Others on request. Applies to the first standing head of state to confirm their country has been in contact with alternative life beings from another planet before Oct 2013.”

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