Where, in “the homeland” (pardon me while I gag), is there real security?

Answer: Not out there. In here. Inside your own beating heart. That’s your real home. Center in the heart before you read on, because meanwhile, out there . . .

Before Its News carried a piece this morning —

Ground Broken on $3.4 Billion Homeland Security Complex

— that will house 15,000 employees . . . and rival the Pentagon.

Actually folks, that exact same story was on CNN four years ago, in 2009. And of course, Homeland Security has mushroomed since then. You can just imagine how many “employees” HSA has now.

On my walk with sweet puppy Shadow this morning,

shadow once again I found myself wondering just how many new buildings are going up on the campus of Indiana University. Within the past few years the place has been transformed. In an era of downsized public budgets for education, who is paying for these massive construction projects? As usual, “follow the money.”

Though I can’t prove it, I have a feeling that — oh wait, look at this! Oh yeah, I remember seeing this story before. Interesting, how we forget. Time moves so fast, and there’s so damn much to pay attention to, and nothing sticks . . .

IU, Crane sign educational partnership

Sept. 28, 2011

CRANE, Ind. — Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie announced this morning (Sept. 28) that IU has formalized an educational partnership with Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane).

Crane SigningIU President Michael A. McRobbie (left) and Duane Embree, technical director of Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center.

The partnership, made official during a signing ceremony at Crane, is expected to result in a wide range of collaborative efforts in several key areas, including informatics and computing, cybersecurity, technology transfer, kinesiology, optics, intellectual property research and regional economic development.

“This agreement marks the continued development of what we hope will be a long-term, collaborative relationship between IU and Crane,” McRobbie said. “It unites IU’s renowned teaching, research and development resources with initiatives here at Crane that are critical to the defense, protection and security of Indiana and the nation, and it extends our existing partnerships.”

Well, well. Lookee there. And all I did was google “crane and indiana university.” Plenty more stories where that came from.

So, then the question becomes, how does the military focus at Crane influence (program? censor? funnel? focus? transform?) education at IU?

Two days ago, I had lunch with a sensitive young woman who used to work in downtown Bloomington, until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Said strange metallic arrays on the tops of tall buildings are beaming some kind of dark doo too all over the downtown area.

Could it be?

She went further: said that her sources tell her that Crane (Crane Surface Naval Warfare Center) — which, says wikipedia, lies 25 miles from downtown Bloomington, is the third largest naval installation in the world by geographic area, and employs 3300 people — is using the city of Bloomington as kind of an experimental test case. For what? Some kind of mind control programming, was what I picked up from her veiled answer.

I told her my suspicions about IU’s unholy alliance with Crane, and said that since IU is the heart of Bloomington, then I could agree with her just looking at it the situation from that perspective.

Then I wondered, where could I live in the U.S. that would not be somehow influenced, affected, controlled by, the military industrial complex? Googled “U.S. military bases” and came up with this, from wikipedia:

List of United States Military Bases by State/District

I dare you to click on that url. It’s mind-numbing.

Then I added few maps:

Here’s one:


Here’s another, just Air Force bases:

Major AF Installations map, Color

Oh, almost forgot, here’s a purported map of secret, hidden, DUMBs, (Deep Underground Military Bases) — and tunnels.


Don’t know about that? Don’t believe it? Read this.

So. I’m back to square one. Where could I live that would not be infected with the military mindset? Where in the U.S., that is. Perhaps nowhere. Because, of course, there’s also all the black ops stuff that we don’t know about that officially doesn’t exist.

Remember when Donald Rumsfeld, on the day before 9/11, said that $2.3 trillion dollars had gone missing from the DOD? Remember that? Weird, huh? Wow! The day before 9/11. I guess they needed a major major major false flag distraction to distract us from what Rumsfeld had just said . . .

I just googled “hidden locations of black ops” and got . . . wait a minute! What I got was youtube videos from some kind of “black ops” video game! Well, of course? What isn’t a game, these days. How can you distinguish between games and reality?

Which reminds me. There was a “drill” going on, during 9/11, during Boston Bombing, and who knows how many other false flag alarms. How about the most recent, in New Orleans? Was there a drill going on there, too, on Mother’s Day? Oh, and will they lock down that city, too. For another trial run of martial law?

In this mood, you might want to read Zen Gardner’s latest:

When Society Breaks Down

I love how Zen, as usual, dives right into the heart of the dark matter that infects society and then, at the last possible second, comes up for air, reminds us of who we really are, and once again, centers in his own beating heart.

He’s right. We need to know the dark doo too before we can transform it. And the transformation lies inside each of us. Right here, right now. No excuses. Let’s go.

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3 Responses to Where, in “the homeland” (pardon me while I gag), is there real security?

  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    About those towers around Bloomington … where are they? I was on the square today and looked hard. Saw the WFHB radio tower, the AT&T phone tower, the BPD radio tower, and something to the south west that could have been for the County Sherriff’s depot or another radio station’s tower. What was your friend seeing?

    The other thing I am moved to say is, Okay, we notice Powers-That-Are-Struggling-To-Stay-Relevant – like the military and the University – making alliances and decisions. Choice point: are we their victims? Or is it just one more thing to notice, without any fear, as we create and affirm the New?

    • Not sure which buldings she’s referring to, and not sure I want to know! And I like your way of framing it, “Powers-That-Are-Struggling-To-Stay-Relevant.” And yes, I’m with you: stay awake and aware, and above all, fearless, as we “create and affirm the New.” Always a balancing act, for me: how closely do I want to get to the rim of the rabbit hole in order to peer into it. How to keep my peripheral vision active while I do.

  2. ejlima says:

    The answer to GENESIS 6.6 .. continues here.. REVELATION 6.7..

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