Re: the confounding internet: on facebook today, from my old friend Jay Pace

Jay, with the glorious Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls Idaho in the background.

Jay, with the glorious Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls Idaho in the background.

I first met Jay in Twin Falls, Idaho, as a child. We were both students at St. Edwards Grade School, though, like everyone else there except Jay, I was Catholic. That made him special. But he was special in other ways, too, as I found out years later in the ’70s when I remet him, again in our home town, where we had both returned, drawn by nostalgia, desert vistas and the smell of sagebrush after rain.

Jay, an architectural designer who studied at Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture at Taliesen and later worked there as Associate Dean of Administration, designed and built an extraordinary, mostly underground home at the edge of Twin Falls for himself, his wife and four children. That home, unlike anything before or since, seemed to rise slowly up out of the desert, and even featured a huge (volcanic? can’t remember) rock set in as the centerpiece of a living room ringed by picture windows.

Jay was an eternal student even then, setting up shop as “The Idea Man” downtown, where he offered advice on any number of questions.

So when I got this facebook posting from him today, I couldn’t help but nod my head. Yes. In order to creatively integrate what the internet has to offer, we must come to it prepared, each of us in our own individual way, but deeply, thoroughly.

That, hopefully, is what I offer in this exopermaculture blog.

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5 Responses to Re: the confounding internet: on facebook today, from my old friend Jay Pace

  1. Wow, Thanks Ann for the kind words. I so appreciate your blog and the elasticity of your thought process, always turning up rocks I might never thought to looked under to discover the most miraculous things. We were fortunate children to have grown up in our “Magic Valley” and I am glad to know we can still share a bit of that magic! 🙂 Carry on your great work old buddy! I will continue to watch in amazement. I am so impressed by your efforts and the kind heart which directs that very orgnized brain!

  2. FedUpYours says:

    Understood Ann,
    I like what your friend has said of facebook and social media Internet websites especially this part –

    ” If I were an alien I would invent the internet to digitise the entire content of human behaviour. There is more communicating taking place but less understanding everyday,
    “The computer has allowed us to re-ennact a modern tower of babble scenario. We try to reach heaven (the as above) by a short-cut (so below) and of course if you read the old story are familiar with it. You know what happened!”

  3. Kay Waggoner says:

    I met Suzi when I was 10, which led me to Jay and now Ann. I feel fortunate to know all of you and have I learned so much over the years. I am proud to say Jay is the smartest man I know and Ann, your blogs are terrific! Garnering all kinds of information from different sources is what keeps us fresh, young and our brains alive ~ so thank you ~ all of you.

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