Kerry Cassidy: reverberations in MSM from Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

imagesYesterday I skimmed through an alarming piece by Gordon Duff of veteranstoday

Air Force Leaks Launch Codes

— and found it so alarming that I couldn’t even bring myself to repost it. (Sometimes I intuitively feel that Duff is “off.” I didn’t know if this was one of those times.)

Then today, I see this, from Kerry Cassidy’s blog on Project Camelot, which talks about the same situation, and puts it in context with last week’s five-day Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. Makes sense to me, and shows how Disclosure is not only seeping into public awareness, but making waves as it does so. I mean this is CNN! — the heartland of the MSM.

17 Air Force Officers Stripped of Authority to Launch Nukes

Wow… there is more here than meets the eye…

This is no accident coming on the heels of Robert Salas’ testimony at the Citizen Hearing on the Minot shutdown. Seriously, do you really think all those officers suddenly went incompetent… give me a break.

It’s much more likely that they had wind of an insurrection.

Washington (CNN) — In an unprecedented action, an Air Force commander has stripped 17 of his officers of their authority to control and launch nuclear missiles.

The 17 are being sent to undergo 60 to 90 days of intensive refresher training on how to do their jobs. The action comes after their unit performed poorly on an inspection and one officer was investigated for potential compromise of nuclear launch codes, according to Lt. Col. John Dorrian, an Air Force spokesman. – CNN International

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