Steven Greer: how to help others move past the “UFO stigma”

The ridicule factor has been ramped up with the recent release of Steven Greer’s film Sirius (April 22, 2013) and Steven Bassett’s five-day Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (April 29-May 3).

Steven Greer has a great way to pop the mind-controlled ridicule bubble.

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1 Response to Steven Greer: how to help others move past the “UFO stigma”

  1. FedUpYours says:

    I was encouraged with the 5 day Livestream and archive Citisens Hearing before the retired Congress members in Washington DC last week. We still have a long ways to go yet but is heartening to know that the Disclosure movement isnt dead and buried nor going away either any time soon. Some day it’ll happen open contact with the cosmic ccivilisations and cultures when they know we are ready and matured enough for it to be so. Timing it seems is everything and only when its just right to do so in meantime look up in the skies and wave hello. The watchers are watching

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