Annular Solar Eclipse: May 9-10, 2013: Willful . . . ferocious intensity . . .

599px-SE2013May10AHere’s one astrologer’s take on the upcoming New Moon solar eclipse, May 9, 2013, at 8:30 p.m. EDT, 19°32 Taurus, which features four planets, including warlike Mars, within 15° of steady, stubborn Taurus. “Willful” is the word! (It would have been five planets, except that Venus will have just left Taurus for Gemini.)

Eclipse On-ramp: Willful progressive decision-making

Here’s another astrologer, my friend Lyn Dalebout, on the same subject:

New Moon Solar Eclipse. The sky teaching is that we are letting go of our past at the exact moment we are deeply passionately engaged with activating a new spark and sparkling direction for our next cycle. We are both dying and being reborn. We are mythic Phoenixes, all. I bet you are feeling some version of this ferocious intensity in your personal life or seeing it unfold in those around you.

Yep! With this eclipse, “Ferocious intensity” says it all, too!

Remember, eclipses signify endings and beginnings, both.

We are as the Fool in the tarot, who must step off the cliff, without knowing what’s below.

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