Re: Barack Obama: I’m now climbing off the fence.

Note: See Laura Bruno’s extremely insightful comment below.

It’s been three months since the start of his second term. Has there been any kind of indication that he is pulling off the mask and turning to the light? The sunny grin starts to scare me.images It’s time to get off the fence.

This is not an easy decision. It flies in the face of my innocence, my utopian idealism, my longing.

And you?

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The real point of this post is that, of course, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. No one “on high,” whether the pedestal be a podium or a cloud, can save us. The savior mythology is for victims. Are you a victim?

Please join me in taking charge of our common life. Our life in common. Our real common-sense, our sensing in common who we are and where we need to go if we are to recover our humanity on this beautiful, beleagured planet.

Together, moving as one from the bottom up, there is no top-down force in the world that we cannot dissolve.

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7 Responses to Re: Barack Obama: I’m now climbing off the fence.

  1. queenvictrola says:

    I have given up on Obama. The magical thinking is what turned me away from the2012scenario (goldenageofgaia). With everything he has done and not done, I no longer believe he is of the light. Channeled messages are so vulnerable to manipulation by the dark. In fact, he is not that different from George the Lesser. The agenda is exactly the same. No hope, no change. This is coming from someone who worked actively in central Ohio in ’08 to make sure the election was not stolen by the neocon Nazi camp again. I do not think things would have been that different if Al Gore had actually been able to claim his win in ’00. All this being said, I reemphasize that we are the ones we have been waiting for. We must stand together and resist the controller’s efforts to keep us divided and conquered.

  2. laurabruno says:

    Ahhh, finally, the shift is starting to gain traction! I never voted for him or trusted him and have been praying, praying, praying that all this lightworker nonsense claiming he’s the Sirian’s gift to humanity stops its Stockholm Syndrome.

    How did I know? Three tip-offs: 1) I went to U of Chicago from 1995-6, and that is Illuminati Central. When he started spouting all his hope and change, I researched how he dealt with the U of C. The fact that he sent his daughters to the U of C elementary school told me he was an elitist and not about hope or change. 2) I watched the media promote him outrageously in 2004 and clearly saw an agenda at work. 3) I was married to a hypnotherapist who routinely engaged in deceptive conversational hypnosis techniques and NLP. Once I figured out what my ex was doing and how to keep myself immune from it, anyone else using similar techniques, cadences and words tripped my deception detector wire. BO is a master at conversational hypnosis.

    In the biggest picture, yes, he could be seen to be helping the awakening in that he’s polarized things so severely and pushed such a fascist agenda that it really does force people to choose to wake up or to commit fully and unequivocally to denial. In that regard, yes, he has triggered an awakening, but I’m sure Stalin did, too. That doesn’t mean he gets a free pass to destroy the planet and humanity via drones, nuke power plants, fracking and Monsatan. I am so encouraged that people are starting to come out of the daze. I have tried through getting people to think/feel for themselves, to observe and decide apart from channeled material, to get in touch with Nature and note the artificiality of the “Agenda” … but that Stockholm Syndrome and hypnosis is powerful Kool-Aid to detox. I’ve had to tread very lightly in helping clients and blog readers awaken on their own. I must say, though, this gives me hope that the veils are truly thinning. May it be so!

    • Thanks so much for this, Laura. My idealism blinded me.

      • laurabruno says:

        Idealism is a lovely quality, and I have hated being the cynic/realist all these years, but you hold a beautiful space in your heart and life, as do so many of Obama’s supporters and former supporters. He gives a good speech. Had I not had my baptism by fire in the marriage and at the U of Chicago, I might have sipped from the Kool-Aid a bit, too, if for no other reason than the sheer hope people had invested in him. I just couldn’t, though, not after those experiences. It encourages me that as people awaken from this nightmare, they will likely also not be easily fooled again. Big blessings and thanks for all you do and are!

      • ksense says:

        Ann, idealism blinds most everyone. We as a people MUST learn to give up our political ideals before we can become empowered. It’s all designed to divide, deceive and destroy.


  3. Irene says:

    I am sure if he is brought to trial and convicted of treason by the people, he will ask the people, what took you so long….and why did you allow it to go so far….you should have woken up sooner.

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