Citizen Hearing on ET/UFO Disclosure: Why Not and How Not?

The Citizen Hearing on ET/UFO Disclosure has now concluded, after five days (April 29-May 3) and 30 hours of testimony to six formers members of the U.S. Congress. Hard to say what the effect will be now. But I have a sense that the revelations there will seep into the public consciousness via youtube repeats over the next weeks and months, and that no matter how much the PTB (or is it PTW?) try to keep the lid on, it’s popping off like a pressure cooker.

Here are a few takeaways.

WHY NOT? “The main motivation is power and greed.

HOW NOT? . . .buttressed by the ridicule factor.”

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure producer Steven Bassett, his interpretation of Rachel Maddow’s ridicule and his interesting response. BTW: Notice the ridicul(ous) title youtube attaches to this clip. . .

Here’s a typical MSM take on the hearings. Hint: the title phrase, “believe in UFOs?” is a dead giveaway as to what comes next.

I, for one, don’t “believe in” UFOs, or anything else, for that matter. Would rather not clamp a set of limiting beliefs over my naturally open mind.

Believe in UFOs? Highlights of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

Even the dailybeast toes the usual line, and signals it in the title, with the word “faux.”

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, A Faux Hearing about Alien Encounters

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