“Red Herring”: “Astrology”? Or Reallity.

imagesHere’s an interesting, provocative, ultimately Wittgensteinian essay that I resonate with — except for its title, which singles out astrology as the red herring, rather than “reality,” and in doing so skews the meaning for anyone who doesn’t actually read the article. In other words, the title itself is a red herring! Or maybe a “meta-red herring”? In any case, the title sorta, kinda pisses me off, since I do utilize astrology as a focusing lens for the intuitive stream, and I do find it just as valuable as any other lens for attuning to the flow of the NOW.

If you don’t have time to read this essay — and it’s a very interesting look at Adam Elenbass’s ongoing evolutionary unfoldment — then at least read the last two paragraphs:

“In my opinion this lesson is one that many of us who love science, who love learning, and who love the mind, must come to over and over again as spiritual students. There is no “out there out there,” to spend our time trying to prove. All “factual science” to the mystic is perhaps something more like art or music: there is reason and symmetry and structure and form, and the mind is capable of great innovations and technologies, but each and every “fact” is also but a signpost pointing toward the ineffable.

“What an “apparently objective” medium: the mind. Best we not be fooled by it. After all, its where birth charts and crystal balls and science come from in the first place.”

The Red Herring of Astrology

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