William Rickets Sanctuary, Australia: At One with Nature

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A day at the William Ricketts Sanctuary in Mount Dandenong, Victoria, Australia. Ricketts was an Australian sculptor, potter, spiritual and multifaceted man (1898-1993) who connected in a very special way to the Aboriginal people and to mother Nature. He also lived in India for two years at Sri Aurobindo´s Ashram. His mother was one of his greatest inspiration with regards to the love and preservation of the environment.
some of his writings can be found here:http://member.melbpc.org.au/~grjallen…

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When walking through the sanctuary one experiences a mixture of love, devotion, presence and grace…the feelings are lasting once the experience of being there has vanished from the five senses…but the taste of it remains. The entrance is free. One of the ladies in the front desk has still fresh memories of William and what was the sanctuary like in its early stages, worth talking to her!.

The word Alchera (*) frequently carved in his pieces refers to the God of the Dreamtime, the One who created the Earth and then retired as the Dreamtime vanished. (*) wikipedia.

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