UFOs and Chemtrails Department: Okay, so today, May 3rd, LOOK UP!

On this day, May 3, the final day of the People Disclosure Hearings, LOOK UP!

According to channeled info from “Commander Ashtar,” you might just see a ufo.

COMMANDER ASHTAR: Washington, D.C., Hearing on Disclosure

More likely, you’ll see chemtrails.

Like this lovely criss-crossed array, taken from my porch, two evenings ago. Grrrr!


Think those are just contrails? Then why did they hang suspended and spreading, for at least ten, maybe 20 minutes?

Check this out.

A Neurologist Speaks Out on Chemtrails

And this.

Chemtrails: Frightening, Lesser Known Facts

Oh I know, I know, it’s “hard to believe the government could lie to us.”

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