Housing the homeless: “I feel human again.”

On this summery evening, during the hours when the Occupy Homelessness group is at City Hall with sleeping bags, (right now they are speaking up about housing the homeless at the regular City Council meeting), this video, from upworthy, synchronistically lands in my email box.

From mental health issues to persistent addictions, many homeless people face real, uphill battles. It’s part of the reason why people look at homelessness and see an intractable issue.

It’s also why the problem all homeless people face, despite the fact that it’s painfully obvious, often gets lost in the shuffle. Watch Mark Horvath, a formerly homeless man on a social media crusade to eradicate homelessness, show you just how powerful solving THAT problem can be.

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  1. fedupyours says:

    Very important to highlight the crisis in homelessness am sharing

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