Epistemological Backgrounder for Disclosure Hearings

As the People’s Disclosure Hearings continue for a second day, a man named Will — who tells me he has been bid farewell by a “ghost” and witnessed a spectacularly vivid aura around someone I barely knew — has sent me this long, erudite article from aeonmagazine. Worth pondering, both for its epistemological and metaphysical conundrums, and for how our cultural perception of what is real and what not morphs.

BTW: my mentor in graduate school called himself a “skeptic,” by which he meant, he said, a searcher. I took up his quest. “Skeptic” these days, however, often seems to degrade into “cynic.”

Seeing and believing

UFO sightings are down. Ghosts are in decline. Are we more discerning now, or just afraid to trust anything?

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