ET/UFO Disclosure segue: From Steven Greer to Steven Bassett . . . TODAY!

Only one week following the unveiling of Sirius, Steven Greer’s film about secrecy, disclosure and free energy technology, today begins Steven Bassett’s monumental Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure, 30 hours of testimony over five days (April 29 – May 3) in front of former members of U.S. Congress. Live updates on huffpost start at 9 am today, that’s 13 minutes from now . . .

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure: UFO Believers To Testify At Congressional-Style Hearings (LIVE UPDATES)

BTW: I find offensive the phrase “UFO Believers,” as it has evangelical, rah-rah connotations, and tends to lump all those with open minds into that camp. (As I recall, Spiegel told an audience at the 2012 International UFO Congress that he doesn’t get to choose the titles for his pieces.) I also find the fact that Lee Spiegel still has to post under the dismissive heading “Weird News” offensive.

Here’s Bassett talking about what the Hearings hope to accomplish. Oh yeah, and I also find the word “alien” offensive. What in our universe is actually alien, if we are all connected?

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