Laura Bruno: The mysterious “Ata,” yet another interpretation . . .

Laura Bruno has just pointed out on her blog that the mysterious “Ata” from the Sirius film might be a fairy or elemental of some sort. Why has no one thought of that? Thanks, Laura! When I look at the video she encloses, I see that the size of the creature is exactly what you’d expect.

Atacama Humanoid: Alien or Faery Realm?

April 27, 2013

by Laura Bruno

With all the interest in the six-inch-high Atacana humanoid possible “ET” or “alien” that has human DNA but remains “a mystery,” I’m just curious why no one seems to have wondered if this little body is extradimensional rather than extraterrestrial. I’ve posted this video before, but check it out again:

Now compare it to this photo:


Things that make you go hmmm …

[UPDATE: I’m bumping up a comment and my response into the main post:

Patrick: “I genuinely believe in dwarves, fairys, and such like, but that video in the woods is a fake, the special effects are quite poor really. A shame, but no elemental is going to get caught that easily!!:)

My response: “Maybe so on the video, but I have seen creatures that size myself when I was a child. I’ve also had lots of peripheral vision and telepathic encounters with elementals and Nature spirits. Faked video or not, supposedly the little body is real and scientists don’t appear to be addressing this other realm of possibilities. :) “]

For people interested in the crossovers between Faery Lore and reports of ET sightings, I highly recommend Cassandra Eason’s book, “A Complete Guide to Fairies & Magical Beings.” I have an older edition than the one shown on Amazon. The book jacket description on mine reads:

A Complete Guide to Fairies and Magical Beings introduces you to the enchanting world of these beautiful and powerful creatures. From wood nymphs to lorelei, goblins to pixies, Cassandra Eason explores fascinating fairy myths and legends from around the world, and shows you how to unlock fairy energy and magic for yourself. You will discover:

“Stories and myths associated with fairies and the fairy kingdom

“Ways to find the hidden world of fey beings

“Fascinating case studies of individuals who have seen the little people

“The healing and transforming power of fairy energy

“An almanac listing all the different types of fairies

“If you have ever believed in a world beyond the everyday, this is the book to help you find it.”

Eason includes some compelling discussion of correspondences between goblins and Greys, along with many other commonalities between ancient stories and firsthand reports about ET’s, encounters with gods and goddesses and unexplained phenomena. In my extensive research on Celtic tradition, I’ve also run across many stories of a shorter race of humans known as Picts, whom many people believe went to live in the woods, grew smaller, and eventually became what we call beings from the Faery Realm. Celtic Myths are filled with references to Faery Women, and the well-researched novel, “The Mists of Avalon” describes full-grown human-faery hybrids who only reach around three feet high.

I have not personally paid much attention to Atacama Humanoid story, although I’m sure the exposure it’s getting at the Huffington Post, the nice summary of media coverage at Divine Cosmos, and curiosity from SIRIUS moviegoers will open more public discourse about ET’s — and, hopefully also, ED’s (extradimensionals). We shall see …

LOL … sometimes some of us already do. ;)

Just wanted to pose the possibility …

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