David Wilcock: The Storm of Disclosure is about to Hit . . .

massive_lightningI just finished skimming this long long post that includes and ties together recent “terror”-related events (Boston and Texas), with current and past financial shenanigans (including the ICIJ’s investigation of off-shore tax havens and Matt Taibbi’s latest) and the Greer movie Sirius, with its exposure of secret black ops programs and message of ET and free energy; plus Wilcock focuses on the 6″ being “AtA” (see this and this), stresses that this little figure, though perhaps not “human,” is “humanoid,” its DNA somewhat different from ours, and yet with enough similarity to show, Wilcock has long claimed, and does here too, that we humans come from the stars. That we are galactic in origin.

This latest tome from Wilcock is well worth reading. In fact, well worth studying. (Don’t let his focus on his own dreams stop you from reading it. Nor his p.r. stuff at the end.)

If you are new to creating a multidimensional perspective on the endless flow of known and not-so-known phenomena, this essay is your introductory course. Just follow the links.

The Storm of Disclosure Is About to Hit . . .

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