An A.K. Reader: “Well? Are You Coming?” (preview)

flowerI’ve been looking back through my stack of Crone Chronicles (published quarterly, 1989-2001), to find essays I wrote then which might be of interest now. And, wouldn’t you know, immediately my eyes popped at this one. I note the synchronicity of its message and the deep rooted (Taurus) passionate intensity (Scorpio) of today’s Full Moon partial eclipse following the Boston nightmare that ended with crowds chanting “USA! USA!” — and on a day when unfortunately, I will have to retype it; but first of all, I must go to the dentist. In fact, I’ll be sitting in the dentist’s chair during the 3:58 p.m. eclipse when the Moon, opposed Sun and Mars, will conjunct Saturn. Damn!

Saturn rules teeth . . .

Here’s a little preview, from the very middle of the essay:

“That memory, counterpoint to my euphoria, serves as a warning. I realize that this hunger for mystical union can be manipulated by good . . . or by evil. That to my body, it doesn’t matter. That either way, my body responds. What does this mean?, I wonder. Does this mean I cannot trust my instincts?”

Good question, eh?


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