Timing is Everything: Boston Bombings, Sirius film, Citizen’s Disclosure Hearings


George Filer, in his most recent email to his list, stated the following:

Boston Bomb Likely Stops Chance of ET Disclosure: The Citizens Hearing [see trailer below] would provide an excellent vehicle for the administration to encourage the news media to support disclosure. The recent terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon will likely delay any possibility of announcing the existence of extraterrestrial life.”

I beg to differ.

Last night I was sitting on a couch with hosts Chris and Ann, plus six others watching Steven Greer’s new Sirius film. The film notes that Greer’s Disclosure Project in May 2001 was followed, a few months later, by the 9/11 attacks and so, Greer claims, what would have been a “movement” for Disclosure was effectively stopped in its tracks.

As he said this, I was struck by an insight which I’m pretty sure is downright true. It is this:

In the 12 years between 9/11 and now we have witnessed humanity learning to create a people’s media — the Internet — so that now millions of words, images, and videos instantly radiate from each “event” the MSM points to, all of them questioning what we used to take for granted. “The authorities” are such no longer. So much so that any attempts to make us stop looking at anything but what “they” tell us to look at, any attempts to make us constrict our focus to their narrowly circumscribed, partially scripted-in-advance narrative — is both hilarious and doomed to fail.

So, now we have first, the Boston Bombing and its aftermath, April 15-17th, as lead-up to the two synchronous Disclosure events: Greer’s Sirius film launch April 22 and Stephen Bassett’s Disclosure Hearings (April 29-May3). These Disclosure events, my friends, unlike what happened with 9/11 — will not be swallowed up by what just happened in Boston. Indeed, I predict that with the weirdness of “Boston Bombing” shimmering in the back of our feverish minds, these educational opportunities that Greer and Bassett so generously provide will launch the collective psyche into multidimensional hyperspace. We will absorb these Disclosure events like graduate students hungry for knowledge, as we learn to to press further and deeper down the rabbit hole into the extraordinary multiverse context within which all such “terrorist”events should be viewed: the long-term cover-up of the presence of ET and free energy technologies which liberate us from centralized, corporatized, scarcity-producing, deeply polluting global control by the big oil/gas petrodollar.

In other words, the Boston Bombings, coming so beautifully close to these two ET/UFO disclosure events, will fuse in our collective mind, their conjunction to ignite an enormous frisson of energy. The timing here is so exact, that “Boston Bombing” will transform into terrific grist for the Disclosure mill. As the public becomes aware of Greer’s and Bassett’s findings, all these “terrorist” events that the MSM mainlines into the collective veins to push fear, fear, fear, will backfire. Period. Wake-up is at hand.

However, do keep Kerry Cassidy’s warning in mind. Take nothing for granted. Stay awake and aware.

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    So IS the little being ET or NOT?

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